Full temperature air constant temperature oscillator HZQ-QX/HZQ-Q

◆Floor type horizontal, outer box made of cold-rolled steel plate, high-quality stainless steel inner tank
◆Intelligent microcomputer control, dual display of setting and actual temperature
◆Over temperature alarm, intelligent adjustable, stepless speed regulation, intelligent digital display speed, running time
◆Glass observation window, intuitive and clear vision, you can observe the training status at any time
◆Universal spring test bottle rack, large space volume, can hold different specifications of flasks
◆Oxygen replenishment hole is opened, and oxygen replenishment in constant temperature working chamber is sufficient.
◆Full-temperature air constant temperature oscillator is a biochemical instrument that combines a temperature-controllable incubator and oscillator. It is widely used in scientific research, universities and other enterprises and institutions as plants, biology, microorganisms, genetic cells, viruses, and Precise cultivation preparation and research of various liquid and solid compounds.
Studio size (mm)520x420x200890×570×420
Pallet size (mm)420x320840×490
Capacity30L, △250mlx12210L, △500mlx28
Temperature control range5-50℃5-50℃
Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃±0.5℃
Heating power300W400W
Compressor power200W350W
Oscillation frequency启动-280rpm启动-280rpm
Vibration amplitude20mm26mm
Power supply220V 50Hz220V 50Hz
Overall size (mm)730x550x6501100×700×870
Packing size (mm)830x650x7501200×800×970