Examination Lamps ZEN-JC03

?   Minor lamp head with diameter of 75mm enables close use without blocking out the vision of users
?   The 700mm long fiexible arm can freely position in order to fully satisfy any requirements for divers illuminated angles.
?   The holder is easy to move for a fiexible occupancy
?   The glass color filter created white and soft light as natural light
?   This products is fit for body examination or minor operation of ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology department,gynecology and obstetrics department and outpatient deparment
?   It is able to work as subordinate illumination in operation room,as well as office light

Color temperature4500K6500K5000K5000K
Spot size adjust××
Brightness adjust×            ×            √
Packing size93*48*10cm93*48*10cm57*47*18cm57*47*18cm
Power supply100v-240v