Vertical oscillator / separatory funnel oscillator

● LCD display, microcomputer program control, with power-off memory function;
● With timing function, 0-350 times/minute arbitrary speed adjustment function;
● The sample is multi-purpose automatic clamp, which can be pulled to any height to clamp the solution bottle, which is easy and convenient;
● With slow start function; stable and reliable operation, low noise
●Suitable for 10ml-1000ml centrifuge tubes, measuring cylinders with stoppers, volumetric flasks, separatory funnels and other containers;
●Adjustable tilt angle during oscillation
●Using the advantages of large vibration amplitude and high speed to achieve the purpose of solution extraction mixing
●Mainly used in various experimental occasions such as food inspection, chemical extraction, mixing, etc.

Model SPC-6
Oscillation frequency 50-300rpm,highest 350rpm
Amplitude 40mm
Timer 0-9999分
Power 600W
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Overall size(mm) 630x560x500
Package size(mm) 710x640x570
G.W./N.W. 95/80kg