Fully automatic flip oscillator DFZA

Product characteristics:
1. Microcomputer intelligent control, LCD display.
2. Rotation mode: it can rotate forward or reverse.
3. Closed extraction, full simulation of artificial hand shaking, 360 degree rotation, making the extraction results more real and reliable.
4. The extraction efficiency is more than 95%. The extraction automation is high and the extraction speed is fast. Several samples can be extracted at the same time in 2 minutes.
5. Extraction time: full digital timing; second, minute, hour optional 1s-99h99min
6. The cover type design can quickly take and place the extraction bottle, which is convenient and fast.
Voltage 220V 50HZ
Control mode Microcomputer control, LCD display
Speed range 0-100rpm
Speed accuracy 士1rpm/min
Flip method
Turn forward for 2 minutes and stop for 5 seconds. Turn it for another 2 minutes and stop for 5 seconds. So back and forth.
Continuous forward rotation can also be set
Extraction method Closed, 360 degree rotation, full simulation of hand shaking
Extraction time
All digital timing,hour,min,secondOptional
Assembly quantity DFZA-4 :  4bottles
DFZA-6:  6bottles
DFZA-8:  8bottles
DFZA-10: 10 bottles
DFZA-12: 12bottles
Capacity bottle 1000ml    or   2000ml