Mini Vortex Mixer VORTEX-1

● The maximum diameter of the oscillation container is 30mm,which can be used for oscillating tubes and centrifuge tube,with significant mixing effect.
● The shell is made of engineering plastic with high strength and thicker metal base,which makes it more stable.
● Equipped with DC 12V power adapter,it is lighter and convenient.
● Characterized with point and continuous working patterns and rotational speed function,Super Mini Vortex Mixer 4k can meet more mixing requirements.

Mixing Method Circle Shaking
Shaking Orbit 4.5mm
Loading Capacity(one tube) Maximum 50ml(one tube)
Shaking Rotational Speed 4000rpm 0-4000rpm
Driving Motor Brushless DC motor
Power ≤12W(AC100~240V 50HZ/60HZ)
Dimension 105×105×70mm
Weight 1.5kg