multi-purpose oscillator HY-5B

HY-5B digital display constant speed multi-purpose oscillator (liquid strain shaker) is a biochemical instrument for cultivating biological samples. It is a research, education and research of plants, biology, microorganisms, biological products, genetics, viruses, medicine, environmental protection, etc. Laboratory equipment indispensable in the production department.
Instrument features:
The instrument is controlled by intelligent microcomputer, the oscillation speed is set by the user, and it can be automatically stabilized. The timing is also controlled by the microcomputer, and the timing is accurate. The instrument is floor-standing, the center of gravity of the whole machine is low, and it is stable and reliable in continuous work.
Its main features: the special bottle rack is especially suitable for the preparation of biological samples for a variety of comparative experiments.
Microcomputer timing, wider range, and more precise timing.
It is automatically stable and fast, and will not change due to changes in mechanical properties due to long-term operation.
Digital display speed and time respectively, display is intuitive, easy to set
Power 220V±10%  50Hz
oscillation amplitude 20mm
Oscillation frequency 60 - 280 beats / min
Oscillation Mode Convoluted
Timer 0-990min
Negative load 10kg
Bottle filling quantity Triangle bottle 6×500ml (optional 6×1000ml)
Power 60W
Pallet dimension 420x320mm