Horizontal separatory funnel oscillator FHY-6

The separatory funnel speed-regulating oscillator is the latest product newly developed and developed. Its operation is safe and simple. The stepless speed regulation is also stable. It is a scientific research, teaching and production department of plants, biological products, genetics, viruses, medicine, environmental protection, etc. Indispensable laboratory equipment. The workbench is equipped with a special fixture, which can clamp a variety of test bottles under the same conditions and shake evenly. Particularly suitable for the preparation of biological samples for a variety of comparative tests
Model FHY-6
Oscillation frequency starts ~280 times / min
Oscillation amplitude 40mm
Timing 0-9999 minutes normally open (liquid crystal display)
Power consumption 100W
Continuous working hours 24 hours
Maximum capacity 500ml*6 (separating funnel)
Dimensions 700*500*280mm
Ambient temperature -10~50°C
Power supply 220V±10 50Hz