●The small volume, light weight, can be applied to the incubator and low temperature box -
●Aluminum Alloy carrier, equipped with anti-skid pads, heavy loads and effective fixed sample
● speed stepless adjustable, constant speed control, digital display speed and running time
●A variety of fixtures are optional and used in various laboratories for analysis and inspection
●Apply to electrophoresis, gel dyeing / decolorization, sample washing, molecular hybridization, immunoprecipitation, protein imprinting, cell culture and so on
Model SK-01D SK-02D SK-03D SK-04D
Motion type 3D up and down Orbital reciprocating
Working size(mm) 280x240 280x240 280x240 280x240
Speed range 0-80rpm 0-80rpm 0-200rpm 0-200rpm
Max angle 10° --- ---
amplitude ---- ---- 20mm 20mm
Time 0-990min
Power 20W
Voltage 100V-240V 50-60Hz
Dimension(mm) 260x280x140
Weight 5kg