shaker / oscillator HY-4

stepless adjustable, with spring clamps, suitable for a variety of comparative tests for the training and preparation of biological samples.

Product name Reciprocate shaker Reciprocate shaker Orbital shaker Orbital shaker
Model HY-4 HY-4A HY-5 HZ-82
Motion type reciprocating reciprocating Orbital Orbital
Working size(mm) 400x270 400x270 420x320 420x320
Speed display ----- Yes ----- Yes
Clamp type multi-use spring
Speed range Start up-300rpm
Amplitude size 20mm
Timer 0~120 minutes(or with no limit)
Voltage 110V 60Hz /220V 50Hz
Dimension(mm)(mm) 400x270x200 400x270x200 430x320x230 430x320x230
Weight 12kg 12.5kg 15kg 16kg