Digital display constant speed electric stirrer JD-60W

1. Large starting torque, high speed, low noise
2. Microcomputer type digital display timing control instrument, the digital display is intuitive and clear;
3. Large output power, low noise, reliable operation, stable speed regulation
4. From 100-3000RPM, it can be adjusted at 100 magnification arbitrarily;
5. Stirring at constant speed, stable rotation speed, producing powerful hydraulic shearing and high-frequency mechanical effects, so that the fluid material can withstand thousands of shearing and high-frequency mechanical effects every minute, so as to achieve the effect of efficient mixing, dispersion, and dispersion.
6. It is widely used in production enterprises such as heavy industry, light industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, scientific instrument, etc.

Model JD-40W JD-60W JD-90W JD-120W JD-200W JD-300W JD-500W JD-1000W
Out power 40W 60W 90W 120W 200W 300W 500W 1000W
Voltage 220V 50HZ
Speed adjustable range 100-3000r/min
Stirring rod ¢8×300mm  (Stainless steel mixing paddle)
Dimensions 350×250×750mm
N.W 12kg 14kg 15kg 16kg 17kg 18kg 19KG 25KG