Top type digital display constant-speed powerful electric mixer (HS-160C)

●Microcomputer intelligent control, touch press, it is convenient to operate
●The figures show the mixing speed and the time remaining
● Various mixing rods can be used for various kinds of mixed test
● Avoid maintenance, low noise, dc brushless motor drive
●High negative pressure, high speed mixing to realize power compensation
●Transmission stirrer, it is convenient to change the container during the experiment
● Built-in automatic overload protection, guarantee the safe operation of the experimental high load for a long time
● Built-in microcomputer control, timing control state, the end of the work after five minutes, can automatically cut off the machine power supply, safe, energy-saving.
● Strong stirring, suitable for high viscosity medium and paste work for a long hours
● Especially suitable for biological, physical ,chemical reagents, building materials, cosmetics, health products,etc with some quality control and product testing
Model HS-160C
speed adjustable range 50-2000rpm
Power 160W
Maximum torque 100Nm
Timing 0-999min
Maximum stirring viscosity 20000Ps
Maximum mixing capacity 20L
Clamping stirring rod 0.5-10mm
Voltage 110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz
Dimension(mm) 300x220x700mm
Weight 10kg